The Mission

TLC Mission:

T-Laue Consulting’s mission is to make our community a better place by providing solutions for problems and obstacles, taking full advantage of opportunities, and providing leadership, organization, and innovative ideas to businesses, nonprofits, and community groups in order to positively impact the community we live in, the McKenzie River Valley. Our experiences in the public and private sectors has shown us the best tools to use to accomplish this mission is honesty, clear communication, the motivation to do good, and the willingness to have fun.



We are more than a company, we are a group of skilled individuals who know that the best way to make a positive impact on the world is to start in your community. We don’t see clients, we see the needs of our neighbors, and living near the headwaters of the McKenzie River, it’s hard not to realize that we live upstream to the world.


What We Do

We provide real solutions and results to the people we work for while being responsive to the changing needs of the McKenzie River Valley. Motivated to do good, we continually strive to earn and retain the trust of our community, to meet any challenges with the highest ethical standards, and resolve conflict with open and honest communication. Our services include community organizing, providing project managers, and speaking face to face with our state and federal lawmakers.



We see a future with all the unincorporated towns on the McKenzie River as one large vibrant, enterprising and thriving community growing in a responsible and equitable way for all its residence. We envision a robust tourism economy tempered with conservation efforts to protect our world class forests, rivers, and trails. By providing the work and organization for projects that would stimulate the economy, we can help local business and improve the lives of our local residents.