Meet the Team

T Laue Consulting Principal

After a career of over twenty-five years in leadership and and management that spanned from the private to the public sector, Tim restarted his consulting company with the intent of helping his community. T-Laue Consulting is a company that concentrates on helping nonprofits and other community organizations in the McKenzie River Valley. Tim uses his core values of honesty, integrity, environmental stewardship, social responsibility to guide the partnerships and choose the projects the company focuses on. Tim brings with him a deep understanding of public and private sector collaboration from his time as a shareholder, Director, and Vice President of Corporate Development of a construction company with millions of dollars worth of contracts and time on the city council of the City of Eugene which included such vital services as the Police Commission, Civilian Review Board, Public Safety Coordinating Council, and many more.Tim is and has always been a fierce advocate for the most vulnerable in our county and was recently asked to mentor court-appointed special advocates (CASA). Tim not only offers a wealth of experience and accomplishments his job, he has the necessary depth and wisdom required to navigate the stormy seas upon us and ahead of us.





Community Organizer/Systems Analyst

Sean’s career is one of service to others. He spent six years in the US Army and during that time he was deployed to a revolution in Haiti as the communications NCO of his Charlie Company 4/22 out of the 25th Infantry Division from Schofield Barracks, HI. The day after September 11, 2001, Sean reenlisted in Bravo Company 2/162 Infantry out of the Oregon National Guard for another six years and was deployed to Iraq as an infantry squad leader where he was critically wounded in an ambush and received a Purple Heart. After recovering from injuries he deployed again during the humanitarian mission to New Orleans during hurricane Katrina where he acted as a platoon leader. Sean left the military as a sergeant first class and went to college. Within five years, he earned his Associates, a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Portland State University, and his Masters from Pacific University. Sean began his career in academics by teaching at Pacific University and then went on to teach at colleges in the Portland area and the University of Massachusetts: Boston. All the while fighting wildland fire in the summers. His publishing credits include his memoir The Wax Bullet War and Oregon Wildland Firefighting: A History. He’s also appeared in the Ted Talk Book The Misfit’s Manifesto, the best selling book City of Weird, and the fine art book The Untold Gaze. Sean has over a decade’s experience as a community leader. His awards include the Legionnaire of the Year 2015 from the American Legion, the 2016 Emily G. Gottfried Human Rights Award, the Newsmaker of the Year 2016, and he was knighted by the city of Portland’s Royal Rosarians. He also served on the board of directors for the Returning Veterans Project and Do Good Multnomah. He currently lives in McKenzie Bridge with his wife Kelly and his daughter Jackie where he works as a community organizer, grant writer, and systems analyst for T-Laue Consulting.