The Blue River Clean Water Project is T-Laue’s longest project. The septic systems in Blue River are over 40 years past their intended lifespans. This has two drastic consequences. The first is the environmental effect. A 2006 study by EWEB reported that 75% of the private septic systems in the area were critically failing back then. There has been no movement on this, so we can assume that most the systems have failed by now. Sooner or later the failed leech lines and septic systems WILL contaminate Blue River and the McKenzie River. Since Springfield, Eugene, and the Willamette Valley use the McKenzie for drinking water, this will affect tens of thousands of people. The second consequence that comes from failing septic systems is the inability to invest in our town. People can’t start businesses if there is not acting septic system. With an active and working Sanitation District businesses can move in, existing businesses can expand, jobs will be created, and then we can work toward affordable housing for families and other workers.

T-Laue Consulting is partnering with the McKenzie Community Development Corporation and meeting with representatives of city, county, state, and federal organizations to build a working septic system for the town of Blue River. There are some unique difficulties due to the fact that there are no incorporated towns on the McKenzie River. There is no real government in our rural, frontier designated town. 

The first phase has been initiated. We did receive funds from the Lane County Economic Development Agency and EWEB to go ahead with a step/modular system analysis by Boeger & Associates. While this is good news, we are just beginning. We will update this page as we move ahead.  


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