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Our district includes many unique communities. From Walterville to McKenzie Bridge, Goshen to Oakridge and Westfir, Coburg to Cottage Grove and London - from the fringes of the Metro area to the reaches of the Mohawk River--just to name a few--ours is a diverse and beautiful place to live, work and care for our families.  Each community has its own needs, hopes, and dreams. That is what this election is about.  Helping each town and neighborhood have a voice and a place to be represented.

Lane County   There are over 350,000 residents in Lane County. The County has a total area of 4,722 square miles The Board of County Commissioners legislates and administers County government.  For many people who live in East Lane County's unincorporated areas - their representative is the county commissioner.  East Lane County is large geographically with a number of unique communities in three watersheds, including: 

The Coast Fork of the Willamette with London, Dorena, Cottage Grove, Saginaw and Creswell


The McKenzie Watershed with Marcola, Cedar Flat, Walterville, Leaburg, Vida, Nimrod, Blue River, Rainbow, and McKenzie Bridge.


The Middle Fork of the Willamette with Oakridge/Westfir, Dexter, Jasper/Lowell and Pleasant Hill.










The Metro Area
including Coburg, Goshen and parts of Eugene and Springfield.



"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The local level where I live is the county level, and it’s there we can do the most good.  I don't purport to have all the answers, but I do have a demonstrated ability to work with others and find solutions. I will give it my very best effort.”- Tim Laue

Meet Tim

  • Born in Salem, Tim moved to Eugene at seventeen to attend the University of Oregon.TimLaue1.jpg
  • Since 1973 Tim has worked as a Laborer, Carpenter, Supervisor, Construction Executive and Business owner.
  • Tim has always been deeply involved in his community. Tim served on the Eugene City Council for five years. He also served as Chair of the Neighborhood Leaders Council,  Chair of the Police Eugene Police Commission,  Chair of the Eugene Civilian Review Board, and Chair of the Lane County Public Safety Commission.       
  • In 2014 Tim and his wife retired to the community of Blue River. The Laues love the forests, rivers and people in rural Lane County. It is because of this love and Tim’s concern for our people, our communities and our environment that he decided to run for County Commissioner.

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