I am running for the people of East Lane County. First and foremost, my priority will be the hardworking people in District 5 (East Lane) and all of the people in Lane County. I will do all I can to empower those I serve and give them voice along with giving voice to their issues and concerns.

My Priorities as Commissioner include:

  • Sufficient and stable funding for general purpose County services.
  • Quality services to meet our unique circumstances.
  • Being trustworthy and trusting—earning and retaining the public trust.
  • Resolving conflict with open communication to find positive solutions.
  • Decision making based on agreed-upon principles, values and priorities with good, objective and accurate information.
  • Protecting our environment—sustainable practices friendly to our natural settings.

My Goals as Commissioner include:

  • Engaging East Lane citizens and residents who feel a lack of local representation.
  • Protecting services against further reductions, particularly for those most vulnerable.
  • Restoring public services where feasible to a more sustainable level.
  • Timely reporting to constituents and interested parties with good accurate information.


Specific Issues

Safety and Security The safety and security of the people of Lane County is my number one issue. Inadequate services for policing, housing and public health all threaten our quality of life. In the polarized climate of today, and in communities with less and less resources everyday our safety and security, both personal and for our communities, must be at the top of everyone's list.  

I wear a safety pin on my jacket to emphasize the concern for safety I hear from people everywhere in East Lane.  Please join me wearing a safety pin.  It tells folks our willingness to stand with others.  We can make a difference when we join together. I hope you join us.


Elders & Homecare Workers: We have a population of Elders in rural areas who are in need of assistance, sometimes desperately so, and the availability of care workers for those areas is extremely limited. Senior and Disability Services is a department within the Lane Council of Governments which Lane County participates in as a member and subscriber to services. I intend to continue my support and advocacy for these services in every way I can, for many of our elders feel ‘left behind.’ A society that fails to support its elders and those who care for them has a poor outlook for its future. We can and should do more, and I will do all I can to ensure we do. I will:

  • Support sufficient and stable funding for elder care services in Lane County
  • Work to ensure that the funds are allocated and delivered to meet the training needs of these hard-working home care providers
  • Hold individual and/or small group meetings with homecare workers in East Lane County to hear directly their concerns and needs- to provide the best possible services to those who depend daily on this care.


Tax Reform: Lane County's revenue is established by the Oregon Constitution and Oregon Revised Statutes.  Other than specific levies with sunset dates, the source of additional revenue comes from the property tax base, which is limited to growth at a rate of 3% per year.  Any further additional revenues sought by the county should be subject to popular vote based on a real need for a specific purpose that represents a 'good deal' for the public.   Ideally (‘if wishes were horses and beggars could ride’) my solution would be a fundamental restructuring of the Oregon system of taxation. It’s way overdue and unless we make progress soon, I fear much worse to come.  I will do everything I can to prompt such an effort at both the local state-wide level.


Public Employees & PERS: Simply stated, if we are to recruit and retain quality personnel, we must assure fair, reasonable compensation and benefits.  Compensation and benefits are just the starting points - equally as important is a sense of mutual respect, a sense of belonging and an organizational culture that is caring and supportive toward our employees and their families. I will work to empower all County employees to learn, grow and achieve their full potential, and I will recognize the need for balance between the one’s professional and personal life.  And, for those who’ve given so many years to public service and struggled to make ends meet, they do not deserve a retirement where they’re forced to continue to struggle with little money at the end of their life.


Equity and Inclusion:  Ensuring a harassment-free and discrimination-free community is fundamental. In my role as a Commissioner I will do everything in my power to assure equity and diversity in the communities of East Lane, particularly for those who have been historically targeted, either overtly or covertly, by discriminatory policies and/or practices. All people, including those in the LGBTQ communities, women, immigrants and people of color deserve basic human rights as a starting place.

I will do all I can to empower diverse individuals and communities to learn, grow and achieve their full potential. I will honor the diversity of viewpoints, cultures and life experiences in our organizations and communities.


Support the Right to Organize: As Commissioner, I will support fair contracts for represented employees, and will protect bargaining units from unfair practices, lockouts and other activities that undermine good working relationships and damage morale. I will listen, and I will focus on results, flexibility and responsiveness.

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