Al is committed to identifying a bedrock of hope during challenging situations on which a sustainable and equitable foundation can be built upon by those he serves. In his six years as an infantry machine gunner in the US Army, he led young men in two Middle Eastern tours, fostering teamwork, moral courage, compassion, and self-reflection in his soldiers. Al believes that one’s conduct should reflect the value they place in what they represent, never ignoring the tremendous honor it is to be an ambassador for a cause, organization, or community of people.Al’s philosophy degree program from Portland State University focused on building a bridge between moral/political theory and the practice of democratic representation. He believes the legitimacy of any governing body, public institution, or private organization comes from the ongoing practice of earning the community’s trust through promise keeping, honest communication, and equitable benefit from development and progress.

Al’s passions have taken him to the mountains of Nepal where he led volunteer efforts in sustainable agriculture. He has had various key managerial positions in water-based construction projects from Everett, Washington to Newport Beach, California. He is a former Post Commander of an American Legion post, and a regular volunteer in emergency response efforts, helping the most vulnerable. He currently serves as the superintendent of the Blue River Water District. Al currently lives in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon with his wife Angelica, and he loves Portland Trail Blazers basketball.